• Specialist staff
    Constantly trained
  • Cutting edge technology
    To achieve the highest accuracy
  • We know
    about cement business


Our staff has more than 60 years of experience in the cement business. We are experts in rotary equipment, making mechanical diagnosis, technical asistance and start - up.

We know

We know of maintenance, the cement business and the value of an efficient operation of the equipment.


The accuracy of our equipment is one of the pillars of the measurements made by our company. Our staff is constantly trained.

Our Company

Maintenance is investment

The improvement of the efficient operation of the facilities, and the possibilities to achieve other goals such as life cycle management without exceeding the budgets for their maintenance, depends on a good maintenance programs.

If the measurement and control methods are performed on equipment during normal operation and regular temperatures, we can also guarantee that the actual measurement provides real functioning values, without interfering with the production process.

Who we are

The founder of our company, engineer Raul Angel Ambrosi, worked since 1968 in the area of ​​maintenance of the cement factory Loma Negra CIASA located in Olavarria, until 1978. This factory had seven kilns and 14 mills running.
From 1979 thru 1980 he was the technical director of the mechanical assembly of the Malagueño factory, in Córdoba, Argentina, for Juan Minetti SA Company, and after the start up, assuming the position of plant director. Since 1983, he dedicated to advise on assemblies in cement, gypsum factories, and cement kilnsaxis alignment as well.
In 2003, he founded R.A. Ingenieria SA, which, to date, has done a lot of works in mining, petrochemical, paper, lime, and especially cement companies.
The company staff, as a whole, has more than sixty years of technical experience in the cement industry, performing comprehensive mechanical diagnostics, repairs, and helping with projects planning for major repairs and to optimize the equipment performance.
All staff of the company had actively participated in the design and assembly of every equipment and software, and developed the methods to achieve the best service and accuracy. That is why we know what we do, why we do it and how we do it.


To give integral maintenance advice to cement and mining plants, performing measurements on large production equipment, allowing corrections to maximize its life.
To perform calculations and related designs and mechanical mounts and repairs on equipment and facilities.
To provide our services with the highest quality, accuracy and security.


We believe that the kiln is the hart of the plant.

We believe that the rotary equipment is the heart of any plant.

We believe that with serious work , any equipment can be recovered


To achieve a great extent on smooth and uninterrupted operation of the rotary equipment.


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